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Bakery Chef

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Search for the information and show the technical terms according to the content of that class. All of the used documents should be done in English and should be corrected before distributing to the students
  • Take the photos of the dishes done in class in order to complete the given paper
  • Verify the written examination and make sure that all the questions in the examination were already taught in class
  • Organize the evaluations (2 per session and 1 written examination)
  • Be the chef mentor during the final examination
  • Understand and respect the equipment management system
  • Be responsible for controlling the material inventory; send all the reports via email to chef who is responsible for the material and submit also a photocopy of the report to the executive chef
  • Maintain the hygiene and security regulations
  • Reinforce these regulations at all times
  • Write on the white board in the chef office in order to notify all the points to develop
  • Reinforce the hygiene and security of working stations (see the regulations to apply in the practical classes, the demonstration classes and in the production kitchen)
  • Understand and respect the food management system
  • The ordering system is based on the recipes and the teaching manual; all changes made to the recipes should be done in writing and put in the basket.
  • All the changes can be applied to the following session only.
  • The ordering system should be respected
  • All the returning products from classes should be wrapped and labelled in the proper way
  • All the chefs should participate in controlling the stocks
  • See to it that the students respect the school regulations
  • Discipline: chef is responsible for the discipline in class and to get his students to abide by the regulations
  • Work in team with all Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Staff (instructors, administration, marketing...etc.)
  • Support each and every chefs’ responsibilities
  • Respect the class and working schedules
  • Any class changes cannot be done without preliminary authorization, which should be in writing and with the Technical Director’s signed approval.
  • Chef should work within the class time limit. Practical classes last 2.30 hours and the last 30 minutes are for the degustation and presentation.
  • Chef should verify the class schedules and take some weeks that are less busy from class to exercise his administrative duties.
  • Each type of class is in a well-organized format; this format should be respected
  • Chef should verify if all of his classes are according to the schedules, and report all anomalies to the Technical Director.
  • Respect the class content and the format.
  • The chef instructor should stay with the students during the practical classes.
  • The chef instructor should walk around the room in order to observe and assist the students
  • The demonstration classes should include the history of the dishes, the explanation of the culinary sciences and the specific theories of the demonstrated menus.
  • All the techniques should be clearly identified and explained. All chefs must apply the food securities manipulation techniques during the demonstration classes.
  • Chef should organize the demonstrations and practical classes in relation to the materials and food.
  • For the demonstrations, chef is responsible for the mise en place as well as the materials and the level of equipment. If chef uses a student, he is responsible for him. Chef cannot have more than 2 students for the mise en place preparations
  • For every courses, chef is in charge of assuring that the equipment and the necessary ingredients for the practical classes are ready before the classes start as well as assuring that the students’ working stations have the essential equipments. Should there be missing equipments, students must tell the chef who will ask the assistant to bring it
  • At the end of each practical class, there will be a degustation and a presentation of the dish or cake
  • The critics are constructive and they aim to develop the student competencies
  • Be available for the students
  • The students who desire to discuss their studies with chef are asked to make an appointment by submitting a paper at the reception. Students can find out chefs’ working schedule at the student services office


  • All nationalities are welcome to apply – especially French nationals
  • Experience of living and working in Thailand is a plus
  • Excellent spoken English is essential.
  • Professional team-player committed to educating our students
  • Should have at least 8-year professional experience as a Chef
  • Computer skills are also required