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              Job Description

              • Position: Interpreter (for Cuisine, Bakery and Pastry Programs)
                《Language》French/English/Chinese/Japanese, mastering at least 2 languages of above
              • Type of contract: Part-time (hourly compensation)
              • Location: LE CORDON BLEU JAPAN Tokyo/Kobe School
              • Work hours: Interpretation – 1-2 sessions/3-6 hours per day (1 session=3 hours)
                Translation – hours depends on content; working from home possible
              • Remuneration: fixed over probation, increases after based on ability and seniority
              • Training:included in probation
              Experience & qualifications requirements
              • Availability of interpreter will be 4 days or more per week, including Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. Translation tasks will come intermittently.
              • A proper visa status/work permit for foreigners
              • Technical knowledge of cuisine, bakery and/or pastry (preferred, but not mandatory)
              • Understanding or knowledge of the Culinary Arts and the French Gastronomy culture and history (preferred, but not mandatory)
              • Experience in multi-lingual work environments
              • Post-secondary education
              • Native or business level in 2 or more of the following languages: French/English/Chinese/Japanese

                Le Cordon Bleu Japan offers cuisine, pastry and bakery programs by master chefs whose native languages are French, English or Japanese. Our students are from various parts of the world, who communicate using a variety of other languages including English or Chinese. The role of our interpreters is to transmit the teaching of our master chefs to the students with accuracy and professionalism, whilst also imparting the passion of the culinary arts to the students.

                Apart from conventional class interpretation, our interpreters are also expected to assist our students in communicating with the chefs when they need to ask questions to deepen their understanding of class materials. There may also be instances of written translation tasks.

                Our interpreters are expected to be good communicators, team players, and possess a strong desire to learn, especially about French gastronomy!