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              Where could a degree in

              hospitality management take you?

              Studying hospitality management can lead to a diverse range of jobs. Let's take a look at the opportunities a hotel or restaurant management degree could open up for you. 

              Hospitality management could be the key you need to unlock doors all around the world. A qualification in this field is open-ended, giving you the freedom to decide which career direction to take.

              Here are some of the paths a degree in hospitality management could take you on.

              1. Hotel management

              The practical supervisory and management skills you learn from a hotel management degree could set you on your way toward running a hotel. 

              Hotels are at the core of hospitality. The advantage of the hotel industry is the diversity of jobs - you could find yourself working in a front office role, in guest services or making sure the kitchen operates smoothly. However, behind these more obvious roles are a range of others that many people don't immediately associate with hospitality. Large hotels need human resource managers, finance experts, event planners and marketing and sales people.

              Whatever your area of interest, you can find a role that suits you and the skills you gain from a degree in hospitality management. Hospitality graduates who enjoy taking a hands-on approach and diving headfirst into the fast-paced hotel industry could see themselves advancing quickly through the ranks until they reach managerial and head of department positions.

              In Australia alone there are 270,000 people working in the hotel industry, according to the Australian Hotels Association. With the high number of jobs available, there are plenty of opportunities for hotel management graduates to flourish in a successful career. You could find work in hotels all over the world.

              2. Restaurant management

              Restaurant management graduates thrive in the lively, fast-paced environment of the restaurant industry.

              A restaurant management degree can help you discover your true leadership potential, applying core business skills to manage a restaurant enterprise. In this industry, you can apply your operational knowledge of the food industry and help to drive a restaurant to success with your strategic planning and management prowess.

              Employment prospects for café and restaurant managers are particularly positive. The Australian Government's Job Outlook Initiative predicts very strong growth in this industry over the next five years, with plenty of job openings. 

              Along with a high number of jobs, under the restaurant management umbrella is a broad scope of opportunity allowing you to find your preferred niche. Thanks to the flexibility of a restaurant management degree, you could find yourself managing a five-star establishment, working on a cruise ship or fulfilling your dream of working in a restaurant in Paris.

              Restaurant management could involve planning menus, utilising your accounting skills to coordinate budgets or working in areas of human resources, recruitment and training, all within an industry where no two days are the same.  With a qualification in restaurant management you could run a restaurant - or start your own.


              3. Open your own food business

              A restaurant management degree can equip you with the skills you need to make your own food business a reality. Whether that is opening your own café, food truck or catering business, you could be your own boss working in a career you're passionate about. 

              Studying restaurant management will provide you with expertise in communications, relationship building and marketing - all the essential tools you will need to build a successful and rewarding food business!

              4. Why choose to study with Le Cordon Bleu

              A degree in hospitality management from Le Cordon Bleu can be applied to a wide range of global businesses. Choosing to study one of our world-class programmes in hotel or restaurant management will give you the confidence, expertise and connections you need to pursue your interests around the world, exploring the diverse employment opportunities available in the exciting hospitality industry. 

              To find out more about where a degree in hospitality management could take you, contact us today.