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Management positions are some of the most sought after roles worldwide. Hospitality is a major industry covering many fields – hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, convention centres and clubs, to name a few. The hospitality management industry is wide open for those interested in a dynamic, diverse and interesting career. The industry has experienced significant growth throughout the years’ growth that is predicted to continue. There is no better time than now for aspiring individuals to get into the industry or advance their careers through the benefit of a rewarding degree.

And with one of the best degrees available, Le Cordon Bleu is the place to get there. Le Cordon Bleu is a leader in the field and the school of choice for obtaining your Master of International Hospitality Management Degree. This premier school of higher education dominates the management and fine-dining scene and has an extensive background to back up all claims. Hospitality and management go hand in hand, and Le Cordon Bleu gives you the best and most thorough education and training possible. Let's take a closer look at the program.

Master of International Hospitality Management Degree

This two-year program opens many doors and sets you up for a rewarding and successful career worldwide. Management positions require knowledge in human resources, service quality, marketing and financial management. In keeping with the modern hotel management environment, individuals need the knowledge and skills to operate effectively and efficiently. The fineries of a polished ‘meet and greet’ still apply. But of equal importance is hands-on familiarity with innovative technology that streamlines the process and meets the high demands of the industry.

Intakes: February & August.

Key Information

Duration: The Master of International Hospitality Management is delivered on a full-time basis over two years. The academic year comprises four terms of 11 weeks and includes six months' hospitality industry experience. Australian residents can undertake the programme part time over three years.
Tuition fees: AU$48,100 for international students. AU$41,639 for Australian students.
Age: 18.
English proficiency: 6.5 Academic IELTS with no band score below 6.0.
Entry requirements: Undergraduate degree or three (3) years relevant business or hospitality experience and expertise at a management level.

Program details

This is a full-time program over two years. There are (four) terms of (11) weeks to give you a better idea, and this includes hospitality industry experience of six months. In other words, individuals will receive a thorough education as well as practical real-world experiences. Another great thing about Le Cordon Bleu is that students always have access to professional instructors who are present throughout the training exercises. The course is structured in stages as set out below.

Year 1: Emphasis here is on the academic side of the program, with students studying on campus to develop the knowledge behind leadership and management. Subjects include:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Leadership
  • Service Quality
  • Strategic Principles
  • Applied Hospitality Management
  • Hospitality Project Design.

Year 2: Provides students with six months’ experience in the hospitality industry. Students apply all the classroom knowledge, techniques and skills that make them successful in the field. This is known as ‘work-based learning’, and throughout the experience there are always Le Cordon Bleu instructors ready when assistance is needed.

Course Structure

Students are assessed via exams, projects, reports, activities, presentations and written assignments. This rigorous and comprehensively process are other factors that set Le Cordon Bleu apart. Overall, Le Cordon Bleu equips students with the knowledge and training for a diversity of careers, including:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • General Manager
  • Events Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Maître D’hôtel
  • Room Divisions Manager.

However, more often than not graduates in these prestigious positions also have an eye to the future. Many have transferred their knowledge, skills and experiences into establishing successful lucrative business ventures. More than ever before a strong global perspective guides them, which Le Cordon Bleu instills from day one.

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