Easter recipe

This cake, originally from Croatia and traditionally served at times of celebrations is something novel to introduce onto your Easter table. This mango version with chocolate decorations is a delicious flavor combination to share with others over the Easter festivities.
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Fairs and event

Le Cordon Bleu will be in Latin America for fairs in April. Meet us to ask any questions you may have on what we have to offer.
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14th April - 2nd June 2015

Beginning on 14th April Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide presents a series of tasting nights at The Edinburgh Cellars in Mitcham. Led by esteemed wine consultant Jane Paull who has a vast understanding of the global wine world to share, you will be taken on a unique European journey through such regions as Bordeaux, The Rhone Valley and Alsace.
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Amongst the many different techniques for cooking eggs, cooking at a low temperature is one of the most advanced and is greatly appreciated by cuisine Chefs. This method of cooking produces an egg with an extremely delicate and soft texture.
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