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              Bakery Diploma
              "Pain Buffet" Event

              Discover the variety of the bread world

              Bakery Diploma Pain Buffet Event

              The students in the Bakery Diploma Program demonstrate their skills and creativity at this bakery event, "Pain Buffet". Based on a theme the students have chosen, they bake various kinds of breads and decorate the room to welcome visitors who are interested in the bakery courses at Le Cordon Bleu.

              Don't miss this special opportunity to meet and talk to our bakery chefs, students and school teams about our programs.

              * Number of registration limited to
              September 4th (Sun) 5:00pm - 6:00pm : 30 guests
              September 16th (Fri) 6:30pm - 7:30pm : 30 guests

              * Students in the Classic Cycle Diploma and Certificate Programs are welcome to join the event without prior registration.
              * This event is Free.

              *You will have the opportunity to fill-in a questionnaire upon participation to the event.
              *Pictures of the event, including attending guests, may be used for publication on Le Cordon Bleu Internet page or Le Cordon Bleu official Social Medias. We thank you for your understanding.
              *Registration and participation to Pain Buffet event is limited to 1 time.
              *Taking bread back home is not authorized.
              *Registered guest who did not come during a previous event, without any prior cancellation notice to Le Cordon Bleu staff, may be denied entry.

              you will receive a confirmation of registration from tokyo@cordonbleu.edu