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Le Grand Diplôme

Le Grand Diplôme® Le Cordon Bleu combines the Diplôme de Cuisine and the Diplôme de Pâtisserie. The Grand Diplôme® is the core of Le Cordon Bleu curriculum, is the most rigorous and comprehensive program in classic French cuisine and pastry techniques available today. No other institution offers as many practical courses.

Le Grand Diplôme - Complete Cuisine and Pastry training at Le Cordon Bleu Paris

These are progressively structured levels that provide students with the skills they need to apply French culinary techniques to any cuisine and develop their own creativity and artistic expression. The students progress from the basic level to the intermediate and superior levels and they acquire the French cuisine and pastry techniques that can be used in the majority of cuisines of the world.

The unrivalled Le Cordon Bleu teaching methodology combines demonstrations followed by hands-on practical classes. Demonstrations classes are held in specially equipped amphitheatres, allowing the students to observe the Chef's techniques in detail. During the cuisine demonstrations, the Chef prepares several recipes. Traditional French pastries, as well as restaurants desserts, are presented during pastry demonstrations. The students are required to take detailed notes throughout, to record the Chef's explanations and to make your own observations. Demonstrations also include a tasting, which enables you to develop your palate, a vital part of culinary training.

At Le Cordon Bleu Paris, all demonstrations are given in French and translated into English.

Hands-on practical classes are held in professional teaching kitchens, equipped to the highest standards. The number of students in practical is limited to ensure personal attention and to meet individual training needs. The school supplies top quality ingredients for each dish.

You work is evaluated at the end of each workshop and you are free to take your creations home to enjoy at your leisure. Cuisine and pastry diplomas as well as Le Grand Diplôme are given by the International Foundation Le Cordon Bleu.




Your weekly schedule is as follows :

  • Cuisine program: 3 demonstrations, 3 practical classes
  • Pâtisserie program: 2 demonstrations, 2 practical classes

Demonstrations and practical classes are scheduled Monday through Saturday at any of the following times: 8:30am, 12:30p.m, 3:30p.m and 6:30p.m. The schedule is posted for the full session at the beginning of the term. Each level is usually completed within 10 weeks, although examinations and the awards ceremony may be held subsequently.





Cuisine and pâtisserie programs include activities for the students such as the market tour, the visit of pâtisserie/boulangerie, the student party, the dinner for each level, the demonstrations of guest's Chefs, culinary conferences and the graduation ceremony.





Le Cordon Bleu offers Intensive Cuisine and Pâtisserie courses at basic, intermediate and superior level, allowing students to earn a certificate in less than 6 weeks. Following the same curriculum as the diploma and certificate programs, these are accelerated programs allowing students to obtain one or more certificates or diplomas in a shorter period of time. Students can choose to do one level only in cuisine or pâtisserie, or take the entire program to obtain a diploma. Since these programs are intensive, students can only take one at the time : cuisine or pâtisserie.

These programs are perfect for students with limited time during the year giving them the opportunity to take one level one year and continue the following year. Upon successful completion of the three certificate levels a Diplôme de Cuisine or Diplôme de Pâtisserie will be awarded. Two to three classes per day are scheduled five or six days each week.


The total cost of Le Grand Diplôme is 40 600€


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