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              Jullian Pekle

              Pastry/Bakery Master Chef
              Philippe Koehl

              In charge of pastries and chocolates at L'atelier Jean Luc Pelé in Cannes and was also part of its team of opening staff. Worked as chef de cuisine at a teahouse under L'atelier Jean Luc Pelé before being in charge of store openings Antibes and in Cannes. Was an instructor of pastry and bakery to students of all ages. Worked in stocking, production, and sales of pastry and bakery before starting at Le Cordon Bleu in 2013.

              Patrick Lemesle

              Pastry Master Chef
              Patrick Lemesle 

              Birthplace: Normandy Region (Le Havre)
              After training locally, moved to Paris to pursue further training. Pastry department chef at Maison Kayser for 7 years starting in 1988, and worked closely with the opening of new stores and development of new collections. Pastry chef at Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo from 2006. Specialties include petit gateau, entremets, and tarts, especially sweets incorporating seasonal fruits.