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Learn the techniques and processes for making bread found in typical French bakeries. Danish breads to regional rural bread making traditions to doughs using advanced yeast production methods are covered. The Bakery Diploma is earned when the student successfully completes the Basic and Advanced Bakery courses. The student will also receive a certificate for each course successfully completed.


BAKERY DIPLOMA [6 months / Total 40 classes]


Basic Bakery

3 months
20 classes

Advanced Bakery

3 months
20 classes

French breads are well known all over the world but not everybody is familiar with the recipes for bakery. You will learn about the various types, properties, combinations and how to bake different breads well. The demonstrations and practical sessions will lead you through the basics of French breads.


In Advanced Boulangerie course as the last stage of the Bakery Diploma, there is presentation of ancient bakery, various breads and breads throughout the world. Use of natural yeast(levure natural). Production of bread from beer, cider and macerated fruits. Usage of bio flour with various seeds.



  Bakery Advanced Bakery

Admission 500,000won

*Admission fee, price for uniform and toolkit are only applied on the first level

Uniform Set 300,000won
Toolkit 1,350,000won
Tuition 6,000,000won 6,450,000won
Total 8,150,000won 6,450,000won