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Alumni activity

Cuisine Diploma Graduates

Seung-Hwan Shin

Sun-Min Kwon

Tai-Eun Kim

2006 Cuisine Diploma
Cuisine department Restaurant
'Zuberoa' San Sebastian, Spain

2011 Cuisine Diploma
Cuisine department 'Haneulso'
French wine & Dining restaurant

2011 Cuisine Diploma
Business analysis team leader
Total food-service company '101 group'

Kwang-Sun Kim

Sang-Jae Kwak

Chul-Hee Lee

2011 Cuisine Diploma
Restaurant consultant
Writer(Author of 'Chef's Dish')

2011 Initiation Cuisine
Cooking Manager
The Westin Chosun Hotel Busan

2009 Cuisine Diploma
Main Chef
Rose Bakery



Pastry Diploma Graduates

Yun-Jung Pee

Yoon-Ji Nam

Min-Sung Ko

2005 Pastry, 2011 Bakery Diploma
Owner Patissier of Maman Gâteau

2010 Pastry Diploma
Pastry Department Eric Kayser

2007 Pastry Diploma
Pastry department Representative
of Atelier Meringue

Joo-Hyun Nam

Ja-Hyun Won

Gee-Min Lee

2009 Pastry Diploma
Pastry department Bread&co

Pastry department Representative
of Atelier Dalcoco

2010 Pastry Diploma
Pastry department café
and Atelier Deux Amis