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Certificat de Cadet de Cuisine

Certificat de Cadet imparts an in-dept study of French regional cuisines and related subjects through which students will apply the techniques introduced in the Certificat d’Assistant programme. Here the emphasis is on understanding, organisation, production and presentation, at the same time master knowledge on ingredients, classifications and origins of the regions including seasonings and flavour appreciation with techniques in butchery.


Emphasis is placed on the importance of:

  • Mise en place, organisation and workflow planning in the preparation and service of meals
  • Classical French stocks, glazes, basic and advanced sauces and soups
  • Hors d’oeuvre, canapés, salads and appetizers
  • Vegetables, eggs and farinaceous cooking techniques and menu items
  • French Pastries and cakes
  • Prepare and cook simple hot and cold desserts
  • Career preparation and workplace communication

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