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Certificat d’Assistant de Cuisine

The first level begins the culinary adventure with a comprehensive introduction to French Cuisine providing classic skills and techniques – culinary terminology knife handling and care, classic knife cuts, hygiene, and cooking methods. Techniques are layered on one another and become more complex. Demonstrations will be menu – orientated involving food preparation, balance and timing. To lay a good foundation in basic cuisine, this programme is for beginners and experienced students alike.

The aim of this programme is to provide and introduce on to French Cuisine.

  • French culinary terms and definitions
  • The use and care of cookery equipment
  • Working in a safe and hygienic manner
  • Food preparation and mise en place
  • Work organisation and planning
  • Introduction to French Cuisine
  • French classical cooking techniques
  • Variations of cooking methods
  • Fonds de Cuisine – foundation sauces production
  • Commodities – receiving and storage


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